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BOOST YOUR STATUS By Appearing As One Of Our FEATURED Experts and...

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NEW Statistics Reveal 87% Of People Go ONLINE To Check You Out Before They Call...

Did you know that a recent study carried out by Nielson revealed that 87% of buyers go online looking for information about a type of business or specific company before they pick up the phone and make an enquiry (even if they have been referred to you!).

We’ve Built A Hollywood Style PRODUCTION STUDIO Just For You And Employed A Film Crew Along With Professional Presenters

In the last 6 months we've literally invested thousands in the following assets... including studio cameras, boom mics, multiple point lighting systems and professional presenters to create a Hollywood style studio... that creates TV style productions ABOUT YOU and your business reviews SO THEY SIT AT THE TOP OF GOOGLE.

Being seen as a featured expert has positioned me as a credible leader in my niche - Sari Friedman, Divorce Attorney, New York 

That's Why...

One of the most impressive things you'll ever do is show your buying public that you know your stuff (before they ever meet you!).

And we make it easy for you by featuring you as one of our expert guests on a pre-produced show where we give you a step-by-step script to run through. All you need to do is show up!

Appear As A Featured EXPERT On A TV Style Show And Get INCREDIBLE POSITIONING 

Using this type of celebrity and authority mix presented like this is amazing for me 

- Steve Wilson, Accountant, Doncaster, UK

So you get to...

Once we've produced your show the next step is to make sure as many of the right people see it as possible.

That's why we use the latest syndication technology to post your show to Google and all the social media channels.

We Syndicate Your Show Online So It Shows Up On GOOGLE And All The Social Media Channels


So when someone types your name or your business into Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest... 

BAM! there you are!!

The best bit about RealExpert is that I was able to be myself and the production team did the rest  

- Glenn Dornfeld, Mediation Attorney

The key to making more money in a market comes down to two things... converting more sales and price.

With your TV style show featuring you as an INDUSTRY EXPERT demonstrating your 'know how' you'll automatically attain CELEBRITY STATUS and in turn convert more people at better prices than ever before.

When Your Referrals & Prospects Check You Out Online They'll  Be Pre-Sold Willing To Pay MORE!

And the best bit is...

You're Not Alone! We Now Operate Across The Globe

Join a community of thousands of business owners in 3 countries. Multiple regions, one process. Sorted.

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Become A Known Expert In Your Field

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Steve Hackney

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"I’d probably be a lot poorer without"

As a small business owner and full time marketer, helps me overcome doubt, position myself as a credible expert and close the sale without needing to meet a client. All our initial sales are now done online. 

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